Why Acacia Homecare?

At Acacia homecare, we believe that your home can be an important part of the care process. While it may be true that some situations require a person to spend time in long term supervised care, the majority of people requiring assistance and care would benefit far more from being enabled to continue life in their own home.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our Acacia Angels will be there when you require the assistance and if your Acacia Angel is unable to make a call due to an emergency we will ensure that there is somebody else who you will also be familiar with coming to attend to you.

Our office team are on hand to take your calls and if it’s an emergency we have an out of hour’s service so you are never alone.  All our team members have the experience and understanding and can deal with your queries quickly and effectively.

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Care services we offer

Personal Care

Our personal care service includes anything from personal hygiene to medication.


You may require a helping hand around your home to ensure it is kept clean, tidy and safe at all times.


To help combat loneliness we also offer a friendly companion to just talk to or do you favourite puzzle with.


To help combat loneliness we also offer a friendly companion to just talk to or do you favourite puzzle with.

Meal Preparation

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Specialised Care Services

Dementia Care

At Acacia we do not see Dementia itself as a disease. Rather, it refers to a set of symptoms that describe a condition. One of the most common feelings amongst relatives of someone living with dementia is that they are losing the person they love. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When living with dementia, being able to stay in the familiarity of your own home with one-to-one, tailored support can all make a real difference. Our dementia care programme aims to minimize anxiety and frustration and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Complex Care

Here at Acacia Homecare Berkshire as well as our general day to day care services, we also specialise in complex care, ensuring that those with debilitating life changing conditions, chronic illness or other complex needs can still have the best possible quality of life. We ensure the care is tailored to the individual’s needs and that the relevant training and expertise is applied for specific needs and requirements.

Our Acacia Angels provide care with dignity and respect regardless of the conditions and the complexities and all within the comfort of your own home.

MS Care

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can be life changing, but doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of independence. Acacia enables people to continue living in their own homes, supported by fully trained care workers.

You remain in control of your life, and we provide the appropriate level of support to suit your needs. That means supporting you to achieve the things that matter to you most – this could be having an active social life, learning new skills, or feeling good about yourself.

Learning Disability Support

Most people with a learning disability are treated as ‘different.’ Acacia supports adults with learning difficulties like everyone else, as unique individuals. At Acacia we also believe in providing employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities.

We do not see any disabilities as a reason to give up, instead we aim to support you to fulfil your day-to-day activities. We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to suit your care needs. It could be that you require assistance in promoting daily living skills or taking a trip to the local library.

Tailored Care

Here are Acacia Homecare we understand that choosing the right care is an important decision but also how much care you receive.  We are a person centred care provider so you tell us how much care you need and when you require it.  We will do a free assessment and listen to what your needs are and we can help you with the decision making process.

Our care packages range from half an hour to 24 hours care or even live-in care

We also understand that how much care an individual needs can change over time, with some people requiring more care and others less and we can easily and quickly adapt to these changes.

If you would like to discuss any of our care services, please contact us today.

Culture Care

We believe that enabling people to receive care in their own home is not just something that is preferred by clients, but that it forms a fundamental component of the care itself. But the positive aspects of care within the home environment can be quickly negated if those providing the care do not fit in with the home environment.

Acacia Homecare provide support workers who are not just professionally trained to provide care, but who are also culturally aware to ensure that they recognise, respect and act in accordance with the client’s beliefs and cultural background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care, also known as homecare, is the delivery of a range of personal care and support services to individuals in their own homes. The care delivered can range from a 30 minute check to ensure that the individual has taken prescribed medication, lunch, etc.

Domiciliary care is aimed to promote and develop the independence of Service Users by encouraging individuals to do as much as possible for themselves and take part in social activities.

What is a support worker?

Support workers visit people in their homes to help them with their personal care needs which include dressing, toileting, feeding, washing, shaving and cleaning teeth as well as help with the practical tasks of general housework and shopping. There is also some transferring and handling of clients who need help in getting to and from bed / chair / toilet. Training is given in using specialist equipment such as hoists and in transferring and handling techniques.

Do I have a say in the process?

Yes, each individual has their say in the initial care plan process. The individual would be involved to create a care plan tailor suited to their needs. The individual will also be involved in selecting support workers that meet their care needs.

Will I have the same support worker each day?

This depends on how many care visits you have each week. We tend to assign one to two support workers. This allows for periods of time where your support worker may be away on holiday.

What if I need more support?

We offer a flexible service so if the individual required amending their care package then it’s a simple process. Your allocated Care Manager will be able to organise a re-assessment and amend the care services.