Healthy lifestyle now to ensure a better lifestyle later.

Healthy lifestyle now to ensure a better lifestyle later.

It is obvious. You eat well and stay fit now and tomorrow you will reap the benefits. In the developed countries especially we have seen the rise of an ageing population and it’s getting bigger still. People are living longer because we have access to instant medical care, pills for everything to keep that heart ticking longer. Becoming old means you slow down, your muscles and bones deteriorate, eyesight fades, the hearing goes, all those things that are taken for granted in our younger years are slowly fading away.

It doesn’t have to be like that. There are many articles out there already and the news pretty much has something about healthy living at least once a week. Acacia Homecare Franchise provides many elderly care services and we see the impact it has had on lives just because slight changes were not made in their former years. The burden and strain it has on the NHS and the families who are often the main carers is immense and there is also the prospect of losing your home to either go live with family or move into a residential home.

Simple things we can all do now is by looking at the foods we it. I am a label reader – I check everything and with two young children I have reduced and near enough cut out processed foods from the shopping list. I was shocked to find how much sugar there is in a small pot of fromage frais, it is pretty much the first ingredient on the label (all the adverts for this particular brand was telling me it’s great for little bones! Hmm, what about their teeth??) . I switched to buying a natural yoghurt and giving my children a homemade fruit puree with it instead.
Cooking at home doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be quick and easy and you know exactly what it going in. There are plenty of online recipes’, so you don’t have to go out and buy expensive books and you can use every day ingredients – you don’t need to find exotic foods to make a simple, delicious and healthy dinner. Here are a few tips to help you on the road to a healthier eating:

Read the labels of the food you buy – if sugar and salt are in the first few ingredients, reduce the amount you eat of it or find an alternative.

Plan a weekly meal – there are thousands of free recipes online and ingredients don’t have to be expensive

Healthier snacking – don’t reach for those cheese and onion crisps, instead snack on vegetable sticks, olives, nuts or fruit.

Drink plenty of water.

Exercise the body and the brain – even a half hour brisk walk a day can help your muscles,

As a domiciliary care franchise we encourage independent living, by supporting the elderly and adults to live their lives how they want to.