Georgina Miller

Acacia Angel: Georgina – our model star!

Hello, I am Georgina Miller and I work as a care support worker, also known as Acacia Angel for Acacia Homecare. I joined in 2020 and I had never previously done home care work before, instead I worked on phones and recruitment. I also worked on a farm, running a corner shop and front of house in an office building, providing breakfast and lunch and making coffee. I helped out in the hospitality department of the building. At the moment, I work full time as a home care worker, but what is great is the flexibility of the hours so although I am full time I am also able to do a bit of modelling on the side.
As a home care worker I visit people in their homes and I generally tend to visit customers in Staines and sometimes in Shepperton.
The reason I got in to home care was because I thought it would be a challenge and I like to learn new skills. I’m also quite compassionate and caring anyway so I thought that I would put those qualities to use and I am really glad Acacia Homecare chose me to be part of their team.
When I first joined Acacia Homecare I was surprised as to what was involved with the care itself, my first day out shadowing I didn’t expect to actually see the carer’s doing personal care right away but it made me realise exactly what the job entails, from washing clients and dressing them to sorting out lunch and other duties around the house. Straight away I knew when meeting the Acacia Homecare team that it was more than just a job, we are a family, everyone’s so nice and anything you need, the team is there for you, no matter what it is you’re dealing with, there’s always someone to talk to.
The favourite part of my job is building relationships with the clients, having fun with them and a sing song every now and again.
In the future I think I would like to develop my role but not sure as to what yet. At the moment I am enjoying being an Acacia Angel and working in home care.