Supporting Acacia Angels with Mental Health

Supporting Acacia Angels with Mental Health

Decia, 20 years old is one of our Acacia Angels who joined us in 2021 and enjoyed being on the frontline caring for customers.   However she left shortly after joining, as she sadly lost her nan during the Christmas period.  She struggled with her mental health and decided to take a break so she could get back to being herself.  At this point Decia rekindled her love for horses and this reignited her passion for them.  She has a share horse called Woody and a beautiful calf named Misty. During this break Decia decided to reopen her guinea pig rescue and has since helped 245 guinea pigs find forever homes.

Now having had a break and feeling much better in herself, Decia contacted the Acacia team to come back to her old role to do what she loves, which is caring for our wonderful customers.  Decia said “Acacia Homecare really is the best company, they are so understanding and caring and also flexible which is great!”

Having had no previous experience before, but due to her natural ability to care for animals and her previous experience in childcare, Decia came to realise that being a carer was her calling.  She chose to work for Acacia Homecare because “it really stood out to me, as the company really cares for their customers and their Acacia Angels.  I also chose to join Acacia as they are very understanding when it comes to mental health, etc.”

Decia would love to complete her qualifications in health and social care and eventually become a senior carer and continue to help people and fulfill their needs.

Everyone at Acacia Homecare are proud of Decia and happy to support and help her in continuing journey.