Part time Acacia Angel with a Full Time Job

Part time Acacia Angel with a Full Time Job

Meet Julie Williams, one of our Acacia Angels, who joined us in 2021.  Living in Staines, Julie currently also has a full time job at Trade Lanyards and so for her, her role as a care support worker with us is more than just a job.

During the initial lockdown in in 2020 due to Covid19, Julie was furloughed and starting thinking of ways to give back to the community and in particular the NHS.  After considering her options and what she might like to do, she came across Acacia Homecare.  Julie said she chose Acacia ‘because it sounded like a nice company…. when I initially approached them, my first impressions were that they were very accommodating and friendly.’ She also said ‘Acacia have made it extremely easy to juggle my main job with working part time with them. They were also very flexible when I needed to amend my rota a couple of times.’

Julie has been one of our very committed and hard working Acacia Angels, visiting customers with a smile on her face and providing care with compassion and dignity.  Her customers look forward to her visits and they enoy her company too.  Meeting new and interesting people is what Julie loves about her role, as we have a variety of different customers and from different bakcgrounds.  The same goes for the rest of our Acacia Angels and as the team is growing, Julie will have even further opportunites to make new acquaintances.  For Julie, sometimes she could spend a lot more time with our customers.  Our customers have different needs and therefore some visits are shorter than others.  However as their needs change so do the visits.

Julie is considering further her role in care, but with her full time role at this point in time, she is happy to do this part time and continue to do her bit to give back to the community.   She also has the opportunity to further her career by getting her health and social care qualifications should she wish to, which would be fully funded by Acacia Homecare.

Julie proves that if you are committed and passionate about the role, then it is possible to do it alongside other activities, hobbies or even permanent jobs.