A tale of compassion: Live-in carer Mandy’s story

A tale of compassion: Live-in carer Mandy’s story

In the world of home care, a live-in carer’s role is the one that is faced with most challenges. However, our Acacia Angel- Mandy has never been or thought of being anything else.

Life often takes us on unexpected journeys, leading us down the paths we never thought we’d tread. For Mandy, the path of care giving was one such unexpected journey. She fell in love with care while looking after her grandmother, providing her with care and support when she needed it. This led to a realisation that care-giving had become more than just a responsibility; it was her calling. She wanted to help other people who needed care and companionship.

This newfound purpose led her to explore opportunities in the field and that’s how we found her in 2021. Since then, Mandy has been working with Acacia Homecare as a live-in carer, far away from her family in Glasgow.  Being away from her family for most of the time, she can’t help missing them but it makes her happy to know that she is providing care and support for someone who is less fortunate.

Mandy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing exceptional care, treating customers as if they were her own close ones.  A customer’s heartfelt words, “Mandy is a godsend” encapsulate the profound impact she has had on their life. She goes out of her way to take them out for a walk or even makes it fun for them with Tuesday bingo nights alongside performing her basic duties like providing personal care, assisting with getting in and out of bed, preparing meals and helping with feeding when necessary, washing up, cleaning, doing laundry, bathing and maintaining customer’s oral hygiene. The family of one of our customers was all praises about her and said, “With Mandy around, we don’t need to worry at all and we could even go and enjoy our holiday”.

Mandy is so determined to positively influence people’s lives that she wants to be a live-in carer for as long as she can.  Her most favourite part of the job is the fact that it is rewarding and makes her feel complete, and there is absolutely nothing that she despises about it.