Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding our customers at Acacia Homecare is key to ensuring that both our customers and care workers can minimise risk of neglect and abuse. There are many laws in place now to make sure that vulnerable adults who receive care are protected and that they receive the correct support if there has been any sign of safeguarding concerns – that means they are protected and action can be taken against anyone who neglected or abused the vulnerable person in care.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) provides all the information you may need to learn about safeguarding and what people’s rights are: Here you can learn about the different types of abuse and neglect and when and how to report it.
At Acacia Homecare we promote the following:

Person centred care
We review every customers needs and wants and ensure they are receiving the care they require. It can even come down to when and where they would like their meals and what they would like for their meals.

Specialist training
With the increase of customers facing dementia at Acacia Homecare we have become a Dementia Friend and a member of staff has become a Dementia champion. We use this to promote to not only our staff but also the wider community.

Training and development
Continuous training and development to all our members of staff is high priority. We keep up to date with law changes and ensure that this gets filtered down to the entire Acacia team. Refresher training courses ensures that our support workers have a clear idea of what they needto be aware of when it comes to safeguarding.
All staff are required to complete the Skills for Care Care Certificate which covers a range of topics from Safegurading to Mental Capacity and Medication. These are undertaken in inductions, one to one meetings and group sessions.

All our staff members have access to senior members of staff 24/7, whether it be normal office hours or out of hours. Staff are aware that to report any safeguarding issue must be communicated both by telephone and in writing. All communication is dealt with confidentially and depending on the seriousness of any safeguarding issues gets dealt with immediately.

Risk assessments
By carrying out risk assessments at every customers home and doing regular reviews we can make sure that we can provide care safely but also make sure our care workers are in a safe environment.

Having systems, relationships, values and key people in place help to keep safe the customers that we provide care to.