A New Lease Of Life: Mary’s Story

Meet Mary MacDonald, our 96 year old customer from Sunbury-on-Thames.  We provide personal care as well as help with food preparation and other small duties around the house so Mary can live as independent life as possible.  She currently has two carers that visit her 4 times a day who ensure that she has been washed, had a meal, is well hydrated and help with domestic chores such as hanging up the laundry in the garden.   Mary has her own private cleaner who comes in once a week as well as somebody who does her shopping for her.

Mary was introduced to Acacia Homecare in December 2018 through social services after experiencing difficulties with a different care provider.  When our Acacia Angels initially met Mary she was very quiet and frightened to speak to them.  She had been left not trusting carers and it took time before Mary started opening up.  Mary was also underweight when she came to us.  Our Acacia Angels started building her trust and ensuring that Mary was receiving the care she needed and wanted.   The change in Mary has been amazing and very positive.  A regular carer, Nimmi, said she has also seen a difference; “… she has improved so much since we started with her.  The biggest change has been trusting us more, not being scared to ask to do anything for her and not being afraid when we are providing personal care.  She has put on more weight, eating very well and looks healthier.  All the carers love providing care for her…. Her house is more presentable and clean.”

Another Acacia Angel, Katie points out that Mary is a “.. lovely lady… She loves her flowers and tennis.  We have given her confidence to move around the house and she trusts us more now.”

Mary is comfortable with our care service that she moved from social services to direct payment to maintain her care with Acacia Homecare.  Mary says “I find the carers very helpful, I am very happy with them.  They help me with everything, they keep my house clean.  I get my choice of food and I have put on weight.  I enjoy having the carers around; they are always happy and friendly.”

As Mary improved her care visits reduced, and gradually her care requirements increased and we were able to adapt and provide her with extra time.   On a Sunday Mary likes to watch Songs of Praise in bed so she has her usual lunch call and then will be helped into bed so she can enjoy her favourite show.  When the Acacia Angels arrive at their call later on in the day they will help her out of her bed.  For Acacia Homecare, it is about enabling people to live their life they want to and as independently as they can.

Mary also says “I would definitely recommend the carers, they look after me very well and I have my own independence because I am allowed to choose what I want. I was very happy when I attended the tea party* because it was the first time I was out of the house for a very long time.   The last time I was out of the house was because of hospital. Very grateful I was able to join Acacia in this joyous occasion. ”

*Acacia Homecare hosted an afternoon tea for customers in April 2019 with entertainment.